How-to Hustle

How-to Use Technology to Refine Your Best Ideas

I’m sure that some of you are hesitant to commit to a new mode of thinking without some instruction on how to lighten the workload. To alleviate this and get you capturing ideas ASAP, I’m going to share a quick brain training exercise that will get you in tip-top shape to churn out some high-quality ideas.

Grab your smartphone, or really any other handheld audio recording device that you have available.

Stand in a dark room and focus only on what you wish to produce. This can be a goal, a particular result or really anything you wish to accomplish.

Speak whatever comes into your mind into the recording device. Do not filter yourself and try your hardest not to over think any of your statements.

Find a quiet space to review this audio.

Mindfully take notes on your own ideas, sorting and validating them as you go along. This will produce a list of ideas you have proven valid. Use this list to imagine the ideal version of your situation.

Do this once a week and in no time you will be convinced to never leave the house without a spot to record your ideas. Stay on top of these simple guidelines and produce top notch ideas to drive you to the next goal!

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