How-to Hustle

How-to Start a Variety Vlog

Reaching a goal barely ever comes as easily as you might hope. Even when you expect something to be simple, chances are that something will come up delaying your progress and results. The inevitable waiting periods that crop up while pushing towards your goals can be stressful.

It’s 2016, patience is hard to come by these days.

Right now I’m pending a response from a background check that should have been completed about two weeks ago. Until that background check clears, I won’t be able to enter the field for work. So now I’m stuck in between work and wasting away. Frankly, I’ve got too much time on my hands now and it’s been making me a bit stir-crazy. Though, a bit might be an understatement.

Outside of spending time spamming my friends on social media, letting bits of loneliness creep in, frantically thinking about my future and preparing content, I haven’t got many outlets to keep me from getting bored out here. In the meantime, I’ve come up with some various side hustles to keep a bit of an income flowing. Yet, with all this time on my hands I’ve been constantly daydreaming about starting one personal project in particular.


There is always something interesting to see. It would be a waste not to share it. This fascination with recording hit me. And it hit hard. So I decided to take action in pursuit of my dream.

The first stop was a local condominium to buy a second hand GoPro Hero 4 Silver that I sourced on Craigslist. (If you are looking to pick up one of your own, that link does also serve as a referral that will help in financially supporting my projects. The newest model is available here.)

The next stop?

Well, that part will be on camera. I can’t wait to share the journey. The main piece of advice I have for those of you who came here looking for a step-by-step guide to vlogging is to just get started! 

Here it is:

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