How-to Hustle

Find Your Freedom. How-to Change Courses In Life

My life was never about perceived success.

It was never about profit.

It was never about power.

It has been about progress, the process and practice.

You can’t win them all, it’s statistically impossible. The most consistent value in pursuing opportunity is found through the chances to learn each and every time you are at bat. When it is your time to shine, you will know — until you reach that point you are simply in practice.

Growth by change

While failures still count, they must not hold you back. The purpose of practice is to grow through trial.

I put my starter business, “Clutter Control”, on hold because I knew that in my current state and with my current capabilities I wouldn’t be able to soar as high as I knew the idea would let me. When my mind was all in, trust me, I was too. Yet as my operation grew, I began to realize that I didn’t have the mental infrastructure to fully take hold of the opportunity. I didn’t want to root myself in one position long enough to establish a client base, as I felt it could potentially limit my options and stagnate my growth.

The time has come to reel in and return to the drawing boards. Letting go has been tough. Pressing the pause button on one project to pursue my life has at times reduced me to unshakable depression. Though, there is one thing that keeps me pushing forward. That is the guarantee that I will, as long as I live, have the opportunity to succeed to an even greater degree than I did in the past.

Consistency creates freedom

That’s right. No matter how many setbacks I encounter, the mere fact that I’ll always have another shot liberates me from fear and doubt. I am certain that the option to be free will always pertain because I have committed myself to a life of developing myself to consistently be true to myself. In the long run, failure in the right hands is likely to produce much greater results than the quick and simple victory.

At my core, I am an entrepreneur.
In my heart, I am successful.
In my mind, I am free.

With these facts considered; fear, depression, and anxiety must take a seat, as they are no match for me.

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