How-to Hustle

How-to Set Goals

How soon can you reach your ideal?

Today, I spent some time packing up my things. While doing so, I unfortunately allowed my mind to drift to the possibility that my family may be let down, or feel confused and upset by me abandoning my current seemingly favorable set of circumstances.

Though I didn’t have too strong of a relationship with my extended family before, I am starting to build strong bonds with them since I started focusing on my happiness. To keep them from worrying too much I’d like to set some firm and juicy goals that will guarantee my staying motivated while out on my own. I’d like to share the method I use for setting goals, taught to me by my first mentor, JT McGibbon.

So first I’d like to introduce an allegory for how I’d like my future to look. I like the concept of using a house, so imagine selecting a house for your future self.

What do you imagine in each room of the house? A dog, some kids, 3 floors, maybe a big TV?

Now suppose you had to save up to afford each of these goals in a certain order. Would you wait until you were 60 to start saving up if you know these are the things you just need to have?

Probably not. Waiting this long would leave you little time to actually enjoy any of those privileges. So the proper thing to do is get yourself in position as soon as possible! Take charge of your goals and reach for them every day.

Now impose this onto your own personal circumstances. If you want to have those privileges, you are simply going to have to do the work to earn them. I’ll be building some awesome goals using this method and I suggest you do as well.

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