How-to Reinvent Yourself

Finding Your Flaws. How-to Repair Yourself

I used to live with some of my best friends from college. These guys were always happy just kicking back and watching something entertaining for a few hours.

That being said, there was always one participant who would ruin the experience for all of us. Interrupting, interfering and flat-out annoying us anytime we tried to enjoy a good show. You’d be surprised at who the culprit was 

— The TV!

This TV had dead pixels and a failing lamp which caused it to reset only during the most exciting parts of shows and in the most disrespectful way. When I tell you this TV must have drawn its power from the depths of hell, I’m not joking!

At the time, I had no understanding of why this would happen so I’d respond with anger, disappointment, and impatience. I allowed this TV to infuriate me, rather than find a solution to the problem.

Sometimes when you leave a TV on for too long or supply it with excess power, you end up with dead pixels. A dead pixel is just a stuck image in layman’s terms and the bad lamp could simply have been the result of aging electrical components.

Now by design, televisions are made to project a specific image based on the information they receive. Without the pixels working to deliver that message, it becomes distorted and misrepresented. Without the ability to hold power in the lamp, the TV can’t nearly function at its full potential.

Similar to this bastard of a television, I feel that I’m in desperate need of repair before I can practically deliver my message. While the content I feel I have to offer is definitely of value, I am not particularly capable of delivering it yet. I do not yet reflect the diligence, patience and tried persistence towards my ideals that I one day hope to pass on to others.

There is no doubt that taking hold of my dreams has slowly begun to trickle power back into my lamp. Yet, the growing light within me just brings greater attention to the bad habits that I haven’t yet repaired. So I’m moving in the direction I think will most effectively fix my personal dead pixels. With my eye on a solution, I cannot for another second just accept that they are stuck.

What are you doing to repair the dead pixels in your life?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your perspective.

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