How-to Hustle

How-to Give Back In a Meaningful Way

Frequently a smile will be taken for granted, underestimating its impact on your immediate surroundings.

One thing being an entrepreneur has taught me is that an authentic smile will always be contagious. Without any effort to prohibit the takeover, your expression can be completely overwhelmed by the most subtle hint of a grin. I didn’t make people smile very often when I was younger, so I didn’t realize how addictive the feeling could be.

Everyone deserves the occasional espresso shot of happiness, but when you can cheer up the right people – – man that feels good. The opportunities to brighten up someone’s day seem to be few and far between, yet I find myself craving them. I mentioned earlier that I didn’t spend too much of my adolescent life slapping smiles onto people’s faces. In fact, it sometimes felt like I was responsible for the opposite. Therefore, I’m left with few tested ideas to create opportunities in my daily life that will support my happiness habit. This leaves me in a tough position; accept that I can only provide a bit of value to a few people or

bring happiness directly to as many people as I can, even if they aren’t looking for it.

The component of Clutter Control that most quickly got me out of bed in the morning was the thought of the pleasure each homeowner received from my team’s hard work. I’ll never forget the joyous expression on our best customer, Nancy’s, face when I set her formerly disastrous bedroom up with a modest and accessible arrangement. Even stronger was her smile when we repealed years of clutter left behind by her ungrateful kids! In fact, she earned her title of best customer simply by being the happiest client we’d served up to this day (and this list includes my Grandma, I’m not kidding). I’m truly excited to hear how the change has brought ease to her busy life.

Needless to say, by this point I’ve grown particularly attached to the feeling of providing value in the lives of others. It’s because of this that I now truly believe that bringing positivity into the lives of others is one of the few ways I can consistently purchase a smile. The best part about it is, the smiles my clients sell me are found for free, right on their faces. With my current state of stressed out, tired and busy I’m determined to deliver to others the opportunity to smile as frequently as I can.

You might wonder how I plan to do this. Well here is the answer:

As an act of charity, Clutter Control will be offering it’s services free of charge to as many qualified, deserving people as I can. My hope is that my clients will be providing me with great value by simply sharing their perspective on how getting organized brings smiles into their household.

For now, an exchange of knowledge and smiles is more than enough for me. I’ve seen real happiness here and there, but hopefully once I’m out there hustling I’ll have the full perspective!

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UPDATE: This plan totally BOMBED! Hey, well at least I tried. As an entrepreneur, you win some and lose some. In later posts, I explain just how things changed.

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