How-to Hustle

How-to Crush Any Challenge and Keep Moving Forward


What steps do you take to pick yourself up when nobody is there to help? ( and I don’t mean just grabbing a frappuccino from Starbucks for a quick artificial pick-me-up) Most people who have seen my YouTube channel will be aware that I have recently started self-teaching myself the basics of parkour. For those who don’t know, parkour is the activity of moving rapidly through an area while running, jumping and climbing. Today I completed my second workout, and already I’m certain that during each session I’ll be facing an exhausting full body workout.

Needless to say, with intense physical or mental strain it is expected that you will sometimes face times of doubt, feelings of failure, and a strong desire to quit. In times of distress, I employ one rule that facilitates summoning the excess strength essential to pushing through any hard trial.

Challenge yourself.

Really, the answer could always be this simple. When life faces you with deterring circumstances and nobody is there to aid you, just use it as an opportunity to compete with yourself. Not to say you should beat yourself up in an alleyway, but rather tell the parts of you that resist action to stick to it through the end.

If anything will produce results toward acquiring self-discipline and resilience, this method will. In the face of a challenge, the mind wants desperately to fool you into quitting, but you must take control. Establish a set of micro-goals to test against your skillset. With each set or assignment, aim an increment of complexity higher.

During my parkour workout, I can honestly say that I was ready to quit about 10 minutes in. Sweat was burning my eyes, my muscles were already sore from previous workouts and the heat was really draining me. You might wonder what kept me going an extra 20-25 minutes even with those difficult realities.

That part is easy, I just envisioned myself at the end of the workout. With access to a precise mental image of me having overcome the challenge, the path to victory became that much less challenging.

Final Note:

When times get hard, push yourself even harder. 

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