How-to Reinvent Yourself

How-to Take Control of Your Perspective

What is perspective?

Perspective is a more concise way of saying “point of view”. In short, this is the way you perceive your surroundings. Though many may have never considered this, actively maintaining your perspective is imperative, especially when your focus is primarily on developing yourself.

A common misconception is that perspective is limited to what you think of the visual, auditory and other various stimulants we experience daily. Rather than this, perspective should be viewed as a construct designed to draw upon those stimuli to build a bigger picture. Once the stimulus in question is affixed to your emotional profile, the two combine to produce an ongoing opinion about the stimulus in question. The resulting opinion can make or break your self-confidence when in pursuit of an ideal goal. This example makes it perfectly clear that being able to utilize a strategy designed to maintain a positive perspective is an essential skill-set for a successful person.

Overcome Childishness

As a pre-teen, I was quick to place blame for my own failures onto other people. If I didn’t pass a test, it was because the teacher couldn’t teach. If I didn’t do my homework, it was because the teacher gave me too much of it. How many kids do you know who were quick to look inward rather than blame their surroundings?

I’ll wait…


Didn’t think so.

Now you have insight into how wrong it is to base your perspective solely on your surroundings. To be successful, focus on identifying how you can use your creativity to produce a positive outlook:

“I didn’t pass the test, so now I have an opportunity to reach out to the teacher and get one-on-one assistance. I didn’t do my homework, so now is a good time to work on getting better at managing my time and getting work done.”

Now this frame of mind may be a bit more complex than your average 10-year-old could handle, but you can see my point.

Take Control

With a strong perspective also comes a sense of security, a personal center of gravity. When I was living with my parents, I would find every excuse to disqualify myself from pursuing my true interests. I allowed my negative emotions toward my upbringing to pollute my perspective causing my goals to appear too elusive or even unattainable. Sometimes I would momentarily get the courage to take action on my ideas, but without a healthy perspective, my attempts lacked the ambition and backbone vital for success.

As people grow, so does their list of responsibilities and expectations. When preparing to leave for college, I fully believed that I didn’t have any interest in becoming a graduate academic. Disregarding this thought, I still applied and attended because it was simply the right thing to do. I used my circumstances alone to set my perspective, not evaluating my personal profile. I didn’t ever allow myself to see the value in taking the time to seek out an option more suited to my identity.

It turns out I was right about how poorly I’d perform in an academic institution and dropped out. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand this concept until after a year of wasted studying and receiving training that would help me to adjust my perspective. This waste could have been prevented had I not allowed myself to remain ignorant of this destructive flaw in perspective.

So be sure to evaluate the condition of your perspective next time you face an important decision. Doing so may just be the key factor in making the choice that will be most beneficial for your development.

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