How-to Reinvent Yourself

How-to Make a Choice

Apple or pear?

Here or there?

Yes or no?

These are three questions everyone will ask or be asked regularly throughout their lifetime. Each one represents an individual choice.

What is choice?

While undervalued in society, choice is one of the most powerful tools given to humanity. With choice, we gain freedom; freedom that cannot be weighed, represented or misconstrued. A choice in it’s simplest form is just a decision between two or more options. These options can be of equal value or easily decided as the value is clearly in favor of one, rather than the other(s).

Although choice may feel like a commodity in today’s mainstream society, we have hundreds of opportunities to choose on a daily basis. Just earlier today, I made the choice to do my parkour workout at an unfamiliar local park. Having not done much research, I ended up at a park which mainly had small, ridged stones under all the prime jump spots. Ouch. Understanding that I made the choice leading to those circumstances, I did my workout with no qualms and in fact enjoyed the additional challenge. This goes to show that when the power of choice is in your hands, you gain the privilege of producing your own outcomes.

An added bonus is that with nobody else to blame, you must constantly hold yourself accountable.

Choice is a privilege.

What is it about prisons that frighten people the most? If I were to make an educated guess, I’d definitely say the immediate fear is of being surrounded by dangerous people and suffering for a long period of time. This is definitely a reason for avoiding crime, but I think there is an even greater cause for fear in going to prison. That is, of course, the theft of choice. I call it theft because I feel any situation that suppresses your ability to choose is a theft of your rights, whether your actions warrant it as punishment or not.

Losing your ability to choose will dull your ability to do so. If you want to grow a muscle, flex it. This may seem oversimplified, but the same equation applies to making choices. Those who frequently relinquish their right of choice, voluntarily or not, will simply be untrained and more likely to make choices with negative consequences.

Even worse, the choices you make are very likely to have some effect on the environment in your proximity. Relationships, finances, and personal development are the top categories that come to mind. So by dedicating yourself to always actively utilizing your privilege of choice, you will certainly get better at identifying the option most suited to your own personal values.

Choice brings control

Here is an awesome quote to help frame this concept in your mind;

“I’m surrounded by nothing but great people. I’ve been blessed with that, so really, I’ve got no choice but to be an all-around good person.”

-Tim Duncan

As you continue to make positive choices in your life, you will inevitably attract positive results. The inverse is also true. When deferring choice using phrases like; “I don’t care”, “you pick”, or “I don’t know, what do you want to eat”, you’ll come to realize that consistently doing this for a long enough time period is inhibiting to your wellbeing. It will leave you set in a lifestyle of habits that don’t even slightly reflect your personal interests.

Of course, this is entirely because you’d constantly given up your right of input. How can you invest into your own life when you are actively striking your interests from the end result! Tim really gets it, he understands that by actively making the choice to be a good person, he has attracted only people of his positive caliber and therefore received mostly positive results.

Never underestimate how strongly one choice can influence your life. Likewise, never relinquish your right of choice unless vitally necessary. Always think things through and go with the decision that makes you the most confident. Anything less will be detrimental to your personal development and potentially devastating to your future! Choose to be great, and greatness will come to you.

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