How-to Hustle

How-to Swallow Your Pride As An Entrepreneur

How do you measure pride? 

To me, pride is the gauge for how much I personally value an idea, concept or creation that I played a role in producing. Because I am the product of my own choices, my current self-worth also plays a role in determining my level of pride. If not evident through some of my more introspective posts, my self-worth has been fluctuating rapidly as I explore my passion and experiment with the most effective ways to implement them. Not too long ago my pride was sitting at the very high end of the spectrum. I over-stretched, making a promise I am now aware I could not keep. 

Epic Fail

If you got a chance to see the plan I laid out previously in, “How-to Make Strangers Happy”you would know that the plan was contingent on me living from my car and traveling the countryside to deliver our premium service supported solely by donations. An interesting approach, which I’m sure would have produced interesting results, but would have put me personally in a position of high financial and physical risk. I’ve since edited the post to reflect my more reasonable intentions.

With that being said, I humbly say that I will be removing the long range travel aspect from the current iteration of Clutter Control’s operational plan. For obvious reasons, the logistics of living in your car while operating in unfamiliar states is a risk that, while sensational, could prove to be damning for a budding company and for my personal health. I will definitely be revisiting making Clutter Control mobile in the long-term.

Sometimes both lives, much like businesses, make it necessary to swallow your pride and pivot away from previous obligations. Simply re-assess what you value and whether the chance you are taking is truly worth it. If not, bite down on your tongue and do what you have to do. It isn’t about what you can’t do, but rather about everything that you can.

Focus on what you can do and take pride in doing it to the best of your ability!

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