How-to Hustle

How-to Make Progress During Downtime

After an extended stint on the road, I’ve packed up my traveling cap and temporarily transitioned back into a more structured routine. It was a hard choice to make, but I’ve decided to take a few steps back and start measuring my future steps forward a bit more closely.

As anyone who has kept up with my postings may have noticed, my actions have been rather impulsive and not-so-well thought out. I haven’t been utilizing my full capability to come to the conclusions that could create the most favorable long-term results. So I came home to think —

All of the 1600 miles back to my parent’s house. 

With sacking my pride, I’ve also had to take a hefty serving of reality with every day since coming back. Here is how I’m dealing with it so far:


Damage Control

I am currently re-assessing any responsibilities I’d neglected since before leaving and taking whatever means necessary to address any forgotten obligations. Before leaving, I’d already dug myself into somewhat of a hole and was looking to make whatever moves I could to identify some goals I could be passionate about. Realizing the heavy workload ahead of me, I wanted to make sure I could engage it with passion behind me.

This is my current reality. The fact of the matter is, sometimes life doesn’t work the way you expect it to. Going off to Vegas, living from my car for a period, meeting some of the best new people I’ve ever met and living life to the fullest has left me in a very comfortable place mentally. For some time I thought I wasn’t able to go back to a warehouse position, it turns out I may have just been afraid that I would get stuck there, never finding any passion.

Now that I have found passion in creating content designed to inspire self-development, I feel I can take the steps necessary to securing a livelihood for myself. While I can’t say this plan was a complete success, I can definitely say I’m glad parts of it failed!

Had it not, I may have never gained clarity in the goals I have for myself and just how far I can take them with a bit more active support.

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