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9 YouTube Channels Great For Killing Time

Do you ever wish you could make time go maybe just —a teensy bit faster?

Sometimes things just seem to be droning on so slowly that it actually makes me nervous. When I have nothing productive to do, my mind goes idle and begins frantically searching for something more interesting to do.

To take some of the pressure off my mind, I’ve got a few basic go-to’s for these in between times when I need a bit of entertainment. 

TED talks

Definitely, my first choice as I love soaking up new ideas and perspectives on the world’s greater problems. TED and TEDx talks are responsible for large jumps in my development. Impressively, they have actually taught me tons of information that has repeatedly lead to success in one form or another.

Here are some of my favorites:

Hi, I’m Scott | Scott Mescudi | TEDxSHHS

Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson


These videos are another quick option. Rather than spend hours scrolling down Facebook, I try to keep things a bit more informal by following creative channels that focus more on teaching about particular concepts. I could spend hours at a time watching motivational and informative clips from people I admire. At times I do watch many silly, more entertainment-oriented clips as well. Want to know what I watch? Here are some of my favorite channels:

PsychoTraveller: This is a travel blog featuring a bubbly European woman who is really fucking awesome. Check her out if you like seeing adventure or want to learn more about travel.

Munchies: For obvious reasons — Is a caption even necessary?

Valuetainment: An awesome channel for entrepreneurial and general life advice. The host genuinely seems like a good guy and they have a lot of relatable and informative content.

Evan Carmichael: Great for when you need a boost in motivational. He produces short motivational clips, inspirational content compilations and a variety of original content. I really suggest this for the people that are actively interested in personal development.

Comics Explained: The nerd in me can’t resist some of these storyline deconstructions and character analyses.

Stefan Molyneux (Freedomain Radio) : Great for some interesting philosophy and breakdown of modern societal topics. I don’t agree with everything Stefan has to say, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone so eloquently defend his point while offering facts that equally support either side. I haven’t heard all of his podcasts, hell there are more than 3,000 of them. Check this guy out if you enjoy debates on modern intellectual topics.

RogersBase : Anime is a guilty pleasure of mine. RogersBase does long-form video essays and reviews on popular anime series. The guy has some interesting theories and seems like a respectable dude so I just started keeping up with him. If you read a lot of manga, I suggest this one for you.

H3H3 Productions: Though mildly uncultured and designed for goofs and gags, H3H3 is a worthwhile mention because of its brash form of comedy and shockingly funny brand of humor. Though not always safe for work, I think Ethan and Hila Klein are one of the more hilarious couples on YouTube. It is also worth mentioning that the two have taken up a mantle as a whistleblower in certain situations of injustice from a variety of offenders including youtube and other YouTubers. I totally back this channel as a great option for someone looking for an off-brand somewhat immature personality.

So that is how I’m killing time tonight. Though working all night is what I often do, I know sometimes some down time is necessary to give the brain time to reboot.

Thanks for reading, make sure you get some rest.

Feel free to share some thoughts or comments on what you like to do during downtime.

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