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Taking In Your Surroundings: How-to Enjoy Your Journey Through Life

While driving through a scenic landscape, it would be tough to acknowledge the beauty in your surroundings due to the speed of the vehicle and the distraction of tending to the other more thought consuming tasks that come as a part of driving.

What if you were to make this trip by bike?

Atop a bike, attempts at taking in the scenery and scanning your surrounding becomes more than just a momentary glance as you aren’t traveling at 40MPH. Though basic bike safety will still require eyes facing forward and a limited range of motion while looking side to side, limiting how much you can continually see.

Finally, imagine passing through this beautiful scene on foot. With a vehicle involved, stopping to take in the scenery is a setback. On foot, stopping to take in the scenery is unnecessary. As you have few if any vital responsibilities, while on foot you can indulge freely while safely making progress towards your destination.

The differences between these three situations may seem quite obvious at first, but there is one underlying principle that I would like to emphasize.

The faster your run the race, the less time you have to enjoy it. 

In some situations, it is more rewarding to complete your task immediately, while in others there is actually more value in patient observance of your surroundings and thoughtful consideration of each action.

When taking on any task, measure the value of each step and the experiences you would be leaving behind if you were to rush through it. Sometimes it pays to take it slow.

Even if you don’t make it to the goal immediately, the amount of knowledge and experience gained on the journey just may snowball you towards even greater long-term success.

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