How-to Reinvent Yourself

Failing Forward: How-to Build Awareness Of Your Potential

Life is hard, time won’t slow down, and sometimes there won’t be anyone around to lend you a hand. 

With these facts in mind, what steps can be taken to define your ideals and cement them in reality?

It takes a strong sense of self-awareness to truly understand your potential. Some find this sense early in life while others allow the strength within them to lie dormant, largely undiscovered for an entire lifetime. Self-awareness brings with it the knowledge that you, in fact, are not perfect, regardless of how often mama reassured you of it when you doubted yourself as a child. Routinely, people are taught to believe that they should simply accept themselves as they are and things will just, well… work out.

Don’t buy into this. It’s simply learned self-ignorance. 

Just to be clear, I am not saying self-love and self-appreciation are negative traits, quite the opposite actually.

Ignorance by definition means knowing little or nothing, or it may mean uninformed about a particular subject.

The defining issue in the negative trend that I refer to as self-ignorance is the lack of foundation behind the concept. In life, experiencing change is just as inevitable as time moving forward. Sure some people may seem to remain exactly the same for an entire lifetime, but their surroundings are guaranteed to change eventually. Attempting to disrupt a force of nature in itself is a clear sign that attempts to “accept yourself as you are” are counterintuitive to achieving your dreams.

In a dynamic world, being comfortable where you are at signals that you’ve stalled on your path. Blind to their potential, self-ignorance offers even the strong-willed an excuse to accept this. For some, it is simply an outlet for respite. Others take no action to change and there they remain— forever.

Kind of scary, huh?

If I never were to take action toward my goals, what right would I have to claim my past victories? The answer is none. The easiest path to self-awareness is pursuing your goals and facing failure head on. While some failures may deprive you of material wealth, luxuries, and comfort, the abstract gain you receive in exchange is likely to be of far greater value. As failures accumulate, an aware mind will actively build a list of qualities that can, and should, be improved on.

Work on these traits one by one and in no time you’ll notice the veil wrapped around your potential cracking, slowly building awareness of what you could become as you peek at your potential through the expanding gaps. Though it may sound simple, this is a skill that does require training and mastery surely will not come easily. Having just started focusing on self-improvement this year, I still have much to learn.

I want to make an attempt at describing the feeling you get as you discover yourself. I’d say it should only be described as one of suspense and breath-taking mystery.

Poetic right?


The answer can’t be Googled, nor can you just skip to the end to read all those juicy spoilers. It is a story only you can write, and a lifetime only you will be able to fully reflect on. So don’t let fear and ignorance limit your story to an unreadable pile of shit, go into the world and find your potential!

It is imperative that we spend our lifetime striving to become who we want to be, simply because the only alternative is dying as somebody else. 

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  1. I used to be that some one who try so hard to be someone I adore because i see their life is so awesome. soon, i realize they got their flaws too. and from that day, i started to be my own self


  2. I do listen and care what do others think about me at first, but after my accident story, I just don’t give a s**t about it. I just do what I do, take their critics as tips to improve myself more and start to adore myself ❤


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