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Moving Up In The Workplace: How-to Make Progress Towards That Promotion

Never doubt the power of knowledge drawn from direct experience. Either first or second hand, simply having access to information provided by someone who has already achieved the results you desire can be of life changing utility.

I remember back when I got my first full-time job. It was as a temporary employee of a fortune 500 corporation within a distribution center of major international products. I knew I didn’t want to remain a temp for long, as permanent employees had far more in terms of pay, benefits, and lifestyle. Though I knew where I wanted to be, I had absolutely no idea how to get there.

Rather than just waiting, working and hoping that I would eventually reach my goal of permanent employment. I spent my days at work asking everyone the fastest, most likely path to permanent hire. I spent my nights researching ways I could present myself that would lead to this goal. At first, it seemed pointless, most of these tips seemed to apply to an office setting and I was doing mostly physical labor in a dusty warehouse facility. The management here would only care about how much work I could get done and how fast, that is how you get promoted. At least that is what I told myself.
The tips were very basic, here are a few;

Smile when you interact with people.
NEVER take time off.
Always show up on time.

Simple enough.

After considering the generality of tips like these, I started to understand that it was entirely possible for me to be able to apply these teachings and make dramatic progress.
And this was found to be true just 3 months after my hire. Applying the insight I gained from long time co-workers coupled with the knowledge I hunted down online served to lead all three of my supervisors to write me shining references and offer me a full-time position.

While I’ve always been very comfortable using the internet, this opened my eyes to the vast wealth of knowledge available at the click of a button, affirming just how quickly it can create a lasting difference in my life.

I am already playing a role in creating content that can influence people to become the best version of themselves, but there is always knowledge to be shared. Though my experience was in the production industry, these core principles can help you to excel from any level of a business.
If you feel there is a goal you can’t possibly reach in a standard way, make every effort to track down the most viable route and pursue it to the best of your ability.

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