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How-to Make a Leap Of Faith Into Starting As A Full-time Freelance Writer

Imagine an income that is completely independent of location that offers freedom to explore the world at your leisure and time to earn a living while doing so. This is a fantasy for the average 9-5 worker, but quite the simple reality for a freelance agent or online entrepreneur. Despite this, many people choose against pursuit of this lifestyle. But why aren’t more people interested in freelancing?

Most people don’t want to put in the abundance of work necessary to establish a freelance career.

While the back end of success may seem quite glamorous, without loads of experience freelancing is actually quite the tough career to break into. I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, though, so I’ll be sharing my experience of breaking into the freelance world with little previous professional experience and absolutely no references. 
My freelance career finally got under way earlier just last month when I started thinking about the most viable ways for me to diversify my online income. Of course, I chose writing as my freelance niche, therefore, I realized I was going to need to take some massive action to finally get things moving in the right direction.

By now, I’ve been researching the process for rising through the ranks of the freelance world for some time but haven’t gotten any paying work so far. I am fighting hard to change this. Having spent about 10 hours filling out the very basic but sometimes time-consuming applications for a variety of different freelancer-friendly sites; I was ready to get some paying work done. Though, instant gratification isn’t always an option; even for us impatient millennials. That being said, I’m patiently waiting on responses to my applications. For now, I would like to quickly share with you the resources I plan on using to launch my freelance writing career in the right direction so that you can potentially follow in my footsteps if you like my results.

Writing online seemed like a dream until I started to do the research, but it turns out there are quite a few options for getting started.

Here is a short list of where I decided to look first:

Content Mills

Though content mills have amassed a bad reputation over the run of their existence, I’ve also read many articles justifying their place in a budding freelance writer’s career. Many argue that these low-pay word farms simply ruin the market for writers looking to make a sustainable living. Others like to point out that, while many of the writers complaining have access to steady paying gigs and a portfolio capable of winning them a number more; the writers relying on content mills have few if any references and far less experience.

I don’t like to buy too much into the politics of things, so I just look out for my best interests. I need experience writing and some monetary incentive and content mills are capable of providing that. Whether someone will be upset about that opinion is a different story, though.


Craigslist seems to have a wide variety of different options for a freelancer to get started on. There is just one catch. Nobody freaking replies! No matter how many cold emails I send out, it seems that Craigslist gets far too many inquiries to be a reliable source of work. I’ll be covering this in a later article if things change, but based on the research I’ve done a vast majority of craigslist writing gigs are either a scam or simply too good to be true. In the rare case that they are true, they are being besieged by many desperate emails. As far as Craigslist goes for finding gigs, I’ll definitely pass.



I began reaching out to my network for potential paid writing opportunities they may have run across. Most people whom I can reach through my social network profiles are very aware of my strong writing ability, but few are aware that I am looking to pursue freelancing as a full-time career. Presumably, the more people who know exactly what I do, the more people who I can potentially connect with and find work. You never know when someone’s employer may need some creative copy for their social media or a new sales script for their modified product. From the looks of it, this business is all about skill level, presentation and timing your proposals just right.

There are the three basic steps I took to hopefully start the process of snowballing myself into a long-lived freelancing career. I’ll be regularly updating how each of these mediums are currently working for me and revise any doubts I had if things start to work out significantly better. (That is right, I’m looking at you Craigslist). In later posts expect me to share exactly which content mills I applied for and which ones are the most reliable.

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UPDATE: Here is part 2! Freelance Writing: How-to Get Started

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