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How-to Get A Starter Income Using Content Mills

Not so long ago, I released an article explaining the process that I would be using to establish my career as a freelance writer. While scary at first, the idea of diving into this realm of income where I could be mobile and doing something I was passionate about while affording to support myself was irresistible. This decision was not in vain. Since I took the leap of faith, I’ve made some connections and discoveries that make me excited for the future. By reading my small successes, my hope is that my audience will be inspired to finally pursue the freedom they desire, through passionate work. 

Here is my update!

Content mills are, of course, the major source of income that I am expecting to rely on in the early stages of this path. Therefore, as I mentioned in my last article, I took it upon myself to apply for as many of these income sources as I possibly could. If you are looking to establish a complementary income through your writing skills, here is my favorite content mill so far (don’t worry, no ads and I won’t be getting paid):


 I’ve actually been a member on Zerys for about two months. The application process involved a simple writing sample based on a title they provided. Given the topic, “How can I be a frugal chef at home, while still making good food?”, I managed to pass this step with an entry level score of 4 stars.

At first, the site seemed a bit intimidating as it generally requires an unpaid 250-word “writer audition” before a client can request direct work from you. As a novice in this industry, I was a bit concerned that I might not reach the standard fast and be slow to start finding regular clients. Luckily, the site offers you the option of selecting up to 100 very specific categories to specify as your interests, therefore writer auditions are likely to fall right into categories you can easily write about with minimal research.

I’m quite proud to say that I’ve already successfully won over clients who have now added me to their Favorite Writers List. The favorite writers list allows clients to quickly contact me for work and for me to dictate a custom price per word to charge. While Zerys does take a 30% commission of the earnings you rake in, I think the pay is reasonable for someone looking to train his research and writing skills while getting paid to do so. The community consists of a very resource packed forum and helpful support team that can guide you in developing your writing ability. I even found myself writing more effectively than ever after writing just 10-15 articles in this environment.

As I manage to build my portfolio and buff up my profiles across all of these platforms, I’ll be regularly adding more valuable information about the path I’m taking to secure this dream. Having recognized writing as my true passion, I want to make sure anyone with a similar (or even not so similar) dream can have an accurate representation of the inspiration you get with every success on the freelance rollercoaster. If you can take your passion and monetize it digitally, you can be a freelancer too.

Follow your dreams and chase your passion, one step at a time.

(P.S. I’m not paid by Zerys for this post in any way, I just found it to be my favorite site so far)

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