How-to Hustle

How-to Develop a Meaningful Vision For Personal and Business Success

Sleeping in your car?


Considering bankruptcy? 

What the fuck is wrong with you?

From the outside looking in, many of my recent actions may be — questionable to say the least. Occasionally, I’ll encounter people in my life that either worry about me, think I’m completely  full of shit, or just outright don’t have a genuine level of respect for the approach I take toward some of my goals.

Sometimes this can be upsetting, but I do realize people are bound to have opinions and that I can’t do anything to prevent that. Regrettably, as I gain an idea of the direction that I want to take in life, I find myself driven further away from some of the people that I love.

My dad once told me something quite crude, but true to life — 

“People are going to talk shit, they are going to say what they want, but you are a grown ass man so just do what you’re gonna do”.

From the moment he told me this, I felt confident in taking whatever steps necessary to reach the ideal lifestyle for myself. Creating this lifestyle involves many caveats, some of which I haven’t even realized for myself yet.

Discovering values

Having had limited exposure to much of the world growing up, I find myself discovering many new things to take interest in as an adult. This leaves me to pick which ones will bring value to my life and which will just throw me off my game. Though I don’t mind some critical research, it is very time-consuming to frequently bounce through so many ideas. There is no alternative, though,  to achieve a vision accurate to what you really value, it is necessary to explore the available options at least to a minor degree.

I know that I am moving in the right direction, but a lack of tangible results has created a slight perception of failure around me. I normally don’t worry about how others will feel about my actions, but with Thanksgiving coming up, I guess I’ve gotten a bit jittery.

The vision I have of my ideal self is consistently someone who doesn’t acknowledge stress caused by family and other people. I aim to always have the strength to take on my fears and the experience to live a life of freedom. These qualities will aid me not only in personal development but also in any business relationships I choose to participate in.

So far, simply listening to my instinct has been the most effective vehicle in getting me to my destination. Sticking to my principles has gotten me this far, therefore I see no reason to ever compromise them.

In the comments, please share what helps keep you in line while shaping your vision. 

Make sure you keep up, my next post will indeed be HUGE. I’m taking another big step in my journey and I’m sure it will be helpful to anyone who feels constricted, unappreciated or just scared to go out and find themselves.

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