How-to Reinvent Yourself

How-to Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits

Where are you right now?

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

How about 5 years from now?


It is likely that you have heard these questions in the context of planning for the future and making something of yourself. The person asking these questions was probably a mentor, potential employer, or concerned family member. Chances are likely that they were expecting you to have fully fleshed out plans for how you would be developing your life into a pretty picture with few flaws. If you are anything like me, chances are also very high that you had absolutely no idea how to answer, leaving you to just wing it for the length of an entire conversation.

While an itinerary may make life feel a lot more secure and calculated, what is given up in exchange for this security? Depending on how you answered these questions, possibly quite a lot. For me, the answer to these questions was never clearly lined out or intelligible. I sometimes had a vague idea of a lifestyle I could reasonably attain, but never any definitive expectations of where I hoped to find myself in the long term. While many of my peers have seemingly been exposed to the path that was perfect for them; I have very rarely met experiences that would be able to coerce me to commit days, let alone years, to pursuing them.

This may not ring true for everyone reading this, but over planning for life takes away your freedom. Limitations are the byproduct. Not to say that plans are inherently wrong, but the thought of plotting out the exact way you hope the next 5 years will go seems wasteful.

With everything set in stone, there is much less need to seek out alternatives and expose yourself to opportunity. Planning too far ahead limits your route and deters detours, limiting your capability to pivot away from problems during desperate times. Why take any risk if you already have all of the answers?

So far, I have found one habit to be an undeniably valuable asset when it comes to breaking your limits; taking responsibility for the outcome of all your actions, good or bad. Doing so can give you complete control over any situation you find yourself in. Regardless of who contributed what and how they may have been involved, conceding that every outcome is now your responsibility eliminates the option of wasting energy being upset with others or brooding over how life keeps your success at bay.

Negative situations are easier to push through when approaching them with this confidence. On the flipside, this habit also results in an all natural high like no other upon accomplishing seriously rewarding tasks or goals. When the pressure is all on you to create the life you want for yourself, every victory you clutch tastes that much more delightful.

Victory sweeter than grandma’s banana pudding.

Victory so sweet it burns your damn taste buds.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a flavor I want to experience on a daily basis.

Limits are all in your mind. Ward them off by taking control of your life. Limitations are driven by fears. So don’t let your dreams be restrained by a desire to meet someone else’s expectations. When you start to recognize what you bring to the table and how you can uniquely bring value into the world, life truly becomes limitless.


In my previous post about refining your vision, I mentioned a huge upcoming step I’d be taking towards my passion. I’ll end the suspense by announcing that I am finally positioned to continue documenting my very fringe, alternative traveling series. This time my wanderlust has led me to Southern California in the mid-sized county of Tulare.

I’ll be taking every extra second to advance my creative projects and bring even more variety content to The Hustle How-to and Shcteve channel for you all to enjoy. This town may not be huge like LA or San Francisco, but the people are great and I am determined to find the best opportunities to learn as much as I can while I am here.

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