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How-to Adapt Your Surroundings To Fit Your Goals

A Chicago winter can bear temperatures that feel as low as -30°, thanks to frosty lake effect winds and its geographic position in the Midwest. Blizzards can cause obscene amounts of traffic and inconvenience. I lived most of my entire life in the Chicago area. Born and raised in Hillside, Illinois, which is a suburb about 30 minutes southwest of the city. After 21 winters in the climate, I’ve grown accustomed to the pain that accompanied the winters but never gotten comfortable with the cold.

I was a cheap kid, so I would always choose to save my money rather than buying boots to protect my feet in the cold. Part of me feels like this was just my conscience rejecting to believe that I would spend my entire life in Chicago. Though maybe I was just cheap and there was no alternative meaning.

Yeah, that might be right.

My stubbornness definitely didn’t help. Either way, the winters were miserable. We’re talking 2-3 feet of snow on a really bad day and even a foot in “warmer” months like April.cold-meme

Being in California during the winter has been an amazing transition. Not only am I shirtless and sitting outside enjoying the sun as I write this, but I’m also just feeling happier and generally more energized than I ever really have in the winter months. As I’ve made it past the most stressful portion of my personal development journey so far, I’m starting to actually see myself reaping the benefits of staying focused on my path. Though I don’t look back on who I was in the past with disgust, I do sometimes feel contempt for some of my previous actions. I feel that at times, the circumstances of my life would bring out the worst in me. I genuinely hate the cold, and even in my youth I would be especially feisty in the winter time. Looking back, maybe being in a warmer climate would have warmed me up and made me a bit less of an asshole as a kid. You live and you learn, though. Now that I’ve started adjusting my surroundings to match the reality of what I want from life, I’m only seeing positive growth.

Ask yourself, what would you do to live a life that allows you the freedom of mind necessary to achieve your dreams?

Are you willing to do what it takes to escape the colder parts of life?

I’m now certain that I am. If you are, take the first steps to creating a life built around your passions by taking action towards achieving your dreams.

There is no need to immediately uproot your life and travel across the country like I did, even small actions like reading that book you’ve been putting off or picking up that gym membership you supposedly couldn’t afford (even though you just bought 3 new pairs of festive holiday socks) counts as positive action toward your goals.

Make sure you actually take action, don’t just read this and go back to half-assing life. I’m out here finding my dream, so you’d better get out there and catch yours.  I’m counting on you!

Anyway, check out my youtube channel, Shcteve. Later tonight, I’ll be uploading a video of me trying really hard to be inspirational. Make sure you like and subscribe to my blog and check out a couple of my videos. I think they are kind of good, find out for yourself.

EDIT: It took me a minute to work this one out. Check out my corniest vlog update to date!

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