How-to Reinvent Yourself

How-to Appreciate Your Passion As “Art”

As Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors positions himself to score from the three-point line for the umpteenth time in a single game; he may as well be poised in front of an artist’s canvas, wielding a brush with the intention of composing a remarkable scene comprised of unique and eloquent strokes.

What is art?

Art is the tangible representation of human expression and creativity. By this definition, anyone who produces something that tangibly expresses their creativity is an artist. While many only categorize the likes of painters, musicians, and dancers as artists, the range actually runs much wider. When you choose to elevate your passion and implement it as a form of expression, that talent duly becomes a form of art. The quality of the artwork is subjective, based solely on the opinion of the person consuming it.

Understanding that even the most mundane of passions and hobbies can be revered as forms of art, is a very productive mindset shift. In doing so, you gain the perspective of an artist, a creative original. Just as the passionate blacksmith or cobbler of the medieval era would present their productions as art, it is your privilege to do so with yours.

I’ve found that, by appreciating my writing as artwork rather than labor, I put far greater effort into producing polished, informative and entertaining content. Though sometimes my high standards and critique can frustrate me, I recognize that I’m only so hard on myself to ensure that I have the highest quality finished product that I am capable of.

It goes even further than just writing, the development of my brand has required no short amount of creativity on my behalf. Being able to use the parts of my mind that excel at building something unique offers me an opportunity to expand my knowledge on a variety of particular subjects and create something unfamiliar and original. When I first started blogging, my writing was unpolished and my familiarity with WordPress was close to nonexistent. It took me months to put together a basic skeleton of a website and start posting new content regularly.

What had to change?

There have been many changes in my life since I began writing The Hustle How-to, but one mindset shift has been remarkably important to me in finding new life through taking action. The decision to take control of my life and create something that I could share with the world helped me understand that life itself is a form of art. As long as I continue to take steps forward, I’ll always have my hand on a spectacular piece of artwork.

Yet, to actually produce something worthwhile you have to stick to it and stay engaged. Refining your skill in an area that you are passionate about until it is undeniably a form of art takes time, patience and persistence. If you hope to have your profession valued as art it is your duty to become an authority on the subject by always striving to produce your best work.

What is your preferred art form and through what medium do you display it most effectively? Leave a comment below!

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