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20 Chill Songs To Kickstart Your Saturday Morning

Something about waking up on a Saturday morning naturally inspires thoughts of creativity and relaxation. For me, coupled with these thoughts sometimes are glimpses of inspiration that often lead to new ideas for my writing. To encourage the smoothest flow of my thoughts, I usually turn on some music.

Music makes everything better.

Cooking, sleeping, driving, eating; all better with music. There is no denying it. Studies have shown that music can increase happiness and reduce anxiety. So when I wake up already in a good mood, I have every reason to listen to some of my favorite music to complement my day.

Here are a few of my favorite tracks to start off a Saturday morning. 

Sunday Morning


This one is obligatory. Say what you want about Maroon5, but this song is too upbeat to not get you into a good mood.

Fool Wit it Freestyle

Supa Bwe, Chance the Rapper

One of my favorite songs right now. The chill video is largely part of my reasoning for loving it. The animation is really smooth and free.

Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1

 Kanye West

Kanye West, like Chance the Rapper, reminds me of my roots in Chicago. I get tons of inspiration from this song.

My Nigga Just Made Bail

Bas, J. Cole

I love this one. The message of the song is thought provoking and occasionally sparks some awesome daydreams.


Lupe Fiasco, Jill Scott

A classic hit that I feel most people are probably familiar with. Jill Scott straight killed it in this song.

Koop Island Blues


If you are still in bed, play this one. I discovered this song sometime last year and ever since have played it regularly whenever the mood needs to be relaxed. The video is a bit… strange, but this is actually my first time ever seeing it so I figured I’d share the awkward experience with you guys.


2 Chainz, Lil Wayne

This one had to make the list. These two are too turnt up to not get you hyped. Even if only a little. The battle vibe definitely never fails to get me pumped.

The Night Me and Your Mama Met

Childish Gambino

At the time that I’m writing this, this track is quite fresh. It easily jumped high on my list of chilling music, though. I’d also like to quickly note that I love the direction Gambino is taking with his music.

Fight the Feeling

Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar

The audio and video for this track are both just amazing. It has almost a hypnotic vibe and inspires a mood of thoughtfulness and empowerment. Check it out. (stoners especially)

(Bonus) Navigator Truck/Spaceship 2

Alex Wiley, Chance the Rapper, Calez

Two songs in one just to bolster up my list. The music video they produced for this mashup of these two songs is mildly entertaining but mostly just weird — like, in a good way though.

Ultralight Beam

Kanye West, Chance the Rapper

Okay. You got me. I’m biased towards Kanye and Chance. So what?

Bohemian Rhapsody


A changeup from the genres I’ve listed previously to this. Nothing like classic rock to bring back the nostalgia of old movies and the TV shows from back when I was a kid.


Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney

This song is a hit and for good reason. After hearing it on a Saturday morning I can’t get it out of my head for a week.

Doses & Mimosas


Sometimes you quickly go from feeling upbeat to being in your feelings and thoughtful. This song is a great intersection between the two.



Looking for some motivation to stand out and get shit done? This song paired with the video makes me want to get up and go. Doesn’t matter where.

Little Bit More


This guy has been growing in the ranks of my list of favorite artists. Smooth tune, cool music video.


Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Kygo Remix)

Another great choice for a lazy Saturday. Really sparks some creative thoughts and even brings up nostalgic memories for me.

I’d Love To Change The World

Jetta (Matstubs Remix)

A bit of an intense track for this list, but I feel it just barely fits the bill. I also love hearing this song while driving. I don’t know if that is important.


Kanye West

This is the last Kanye track I’m featuring on here. I swear.

On & On

Erykah Badu

This is easily my favorite song in the soul genre. Erykah Badu is one of the two women I’d ever call a queen. Her rhythm is tight. ‘Nuff said.


Thanks for checking out this list of music I use to enjoy the moments I have to myself on a Saturday morning. Feel free to comment with some of the songs you like to play on a relaxing or otherwise busy Saturdays.

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