How-to Reinvent Yourself

Dream or Delusion?: How-to Be a True Visionary

Simply put, you have to truly understand you. You also need to understand where you want to go in order to become a true visionary. Being different and standing out is something that you must find within you. Everyone is different, but you have to embrace that trait in order to become a visionary. We as a society need more of that. If you have a vision of something, no matter what it is, it must be voiced.

When you first commit to accepting your vision, life may seem surreal for some time. The vision you perceive is intangible; the results you seek to attain are not promised to you. As you explain your vision to the people around you, they may turn away or distance themselves by expressing feelings of discontent or disinterest in your supposed delusion.

I say delusion because that is sometimes how your vision will be defined. Others will not always readily accept your worldview, therefore the burden of keeping yourself motivated relies almost solely on you. Though not always a simple task, self-motivation is a key contributor to a productive lifestyle.

Embrace your “delusions”

Great artists, athletes and the rockstars of every profession face the daily struggle of pushing themselves to produce their most creative and valuable work. Even in the face of critics and people who doubt your ability, it is your responsibility to stay engaged. Chance the Rapper, over the course of his music career, has often expressed the stress that realizing his vision has brought into his life. Yet, he also speaks highly of the blessings he has been able to incur as the result of perseverance and commitment to his passion.

If you don’t know who Chance the Rapper is, he’s an up-and-coming rapper from near my hometown who is currently reshaping a section of the rap/hip-hop landscape. Chance controversially offers his music for free. Exclusively performing on mixtapes and features and funding himself by selling merchandise. This man has been true to his path and for years has worked consistently to get his name noticed. He just recently gained a massive following and skyrocketed in popularity with the release of his new Coloring Book mixtape and the adjoining tour.

This guy is right around my age, and he is definitely an inspiration. Even though pursuing the expression of his vision sometimes brings him pain, he continues to move forward because that is the only real option for a goal-driven visionary.

There have been times where I’ve experienced these feelings of pain and insecurity. Let me tell you this: it gets better over time. As you embrace the path that you’ve aligned yourself with, the thought of pressing on through even the worst circumstances becomes a vehicle for motivation rather than regret or self-pity. I understand this well now, as I’ve committed myself wholly to producing a variety of content that express my vision in full. If you have what it takes to commit to your vision, leave a comment explaining.

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