Working or Being Productive: How-to Get Shit Done

How often did you find yourself sitting in a classroom filling out worksheets as a kid? In the days of my schooling, teachers would dole out worksheet after worksheet. Seemingly with the expectation that you just miworksheetsght learn a little through repetition.

This method is highly effective and the most productive way to get shit done. In fact, I’m now a genius that can pump out basic math at high volumes and underline grammatically incorrect phrases like a boss.

Does my sarcasm not translate very well through text?

Sorry about that.

The truth about worksheets

The reality is quite to the contrary, at least in my experience. As a kid, I wasn’t often able to force myself to focus on the likes of study guides, “chug and plug” worksheets, and the universally hated crossword puzzle. These pieces of work took time but upon completion, they never gave the satisfaction of having gotten something done. I just rarely ever felt that I’d actually been taught something. The amount of engagement involved with completing a worksheet was far less than the amount afforded to someone learning through hands-on instruction from a teacher.

I just gave a real world example showing the dissonance between hard work and actual productivity. It is true that repetition and laborious filling out of worksheets may over time lead to the intended result of learning. But, hands-on guidance and instruction would add efficiency that usually results in an increase of productivity.

Addressing the issue

In order to be more productive, involve yourself in the process.

It’s really that simple.

Hands-on instruction aids in learning so well, because you have a human being right in front of you. That person is there specifically to teach you the subject. Engagement on your behalf is automatically stimulated and the subject matter is therefore made more interesting. The increased engagement makes receiving and understanding the knowledge a lot less of a forced process.

The same concept applies to getting something done. When you have to feign interest in your day to day actions, your productivity drops. People who enjoy what they are doing or feel some connection to their actions simply produce greater results. This even applies at the corporate level!

So take pride in your actions. Set yourself up to frequently do the things that you can be most productive at. As you eliminate the monotonous actions that cost you time, you’ll see that you are becoming more productive and things are finally getting done. Every little thing doesn’t matter.

What matters is getting shit done.

So get focused, cut out the damn worksheets, and do something you love.

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