How-to Hustle

How-to Immediately Improve Your Life And Start Accomplishing Your Goals by Finding an Obsession

“The obsessed hold illusions of greatness that the average used to have and gave up on. The obsessed are those who go balls to the wall—completely all in all of the time —and are obsessed with creating a life the average deem impossible.”

-Grant Cardone

Finding the energy to motivate yourself can be a formidable task. Especially when you have no desire to complete the task at hand.

In schools, students find themselves under the supervision and instruction of teachers, teaching assistants and other members of the faculty. This means that while in school, students will have people behind them motivating them to work on assignments and study material. Yet, the moment students find themselves at home with the opportunity to procrastinate, studying easily becomes the last of their concerns.

Why is that?

At home, students gain the freedom to act outside of the rules of their institution. Unless their parents enforce rules to moderate their time spent studying, students are free to spend study time on things they are more passionate about.

My Obsession

High school me wasn’t concerned with school. High school me was concerned with girls, cookies, occasionally being popular and the latest video game news.

Another thing I couldn’t get enough of was online gaming. As obsessed as you can imagine anyone being with anything, I have been that obsessed with online gaming. Seriously, I took this stuff as seriously as crack. Though the habit isn’t a complete waste of time, an obsession with video games can lead to countless wasted hours and a huge number of late assignments.

The game that I played was League of Legends. If you haven’t heard of this game before, it’s a highly competitive online game that features a 5v5 objective-based battle. The rounds usually take upwards of 30 minutes, therefore you can imagine how much time can be mindlessly sunken into this hobby.

I would “struggle” to set aside the time to do my homework, yet find myself battling online for a dozen hours on end. The amount of excitement I got from winning a match was a huge incentive. I always wanted more, so I’d devote hours upon hours to getting better at the game. Though I do still play the game to this day, I have diverted my focus to work on my more constructive obsessions. Had I acquired this level of obsession for painting, I surely would have become a modern day Van Gogh.


Who knows? Anyway…

That brings me to my next point.

Get obsessed

In writing, I have found a healthy and constructive obsession. At any point of the day, I have the option to dive into my own mind and create products from my thoughts. As my obsession grows, so does my capacity to produce quality content. As Grant Cardone said, a healthy obsession can be decisive in attaining the life you previously saw as unattainable.

Finding the energy to motivate yourself to do something you dislike can be a formidable task.

Finding the motivation to do something you are obsessed with can happen in an instant.

Training a skill that you are passionate about is a performance of art. So find that thing you’re most obsessed with and crush it. Become the best you can in that area, then keep getting better. When choosing new habits to get obsessed with, consider:

  • Potentially profitable hobbies
  • Highly stress-relieving hobbies
  • Engaging and productive tasks

It just so happens that the dreams you are the craziest about just so happen to be the ones that are most likely to come true.

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