How-to Hustle

How-to Be Patient With BIG Goals

Considering the expectations I’ve set for myself, I entirely expect not to be back to a point of genuine stability until sometime next year — and that is the ideal scenario. I’ve been hustling to build a functional entrepreneurial skill set for years now.

In this time, there have been many goals that I set after and have been unable to achieve. Contrastingly, there have also been a handful of goals that I undoubtedly made my bitch. 

The only way you’ll never make it is if you stop moving.

-A Guy Who’s Name I’m Not Sure Of Or Possibly Even Me. (I Totally Could Have Written This)

The deciding factor in whether I actually make it to the point of seeing a positive outcome to my efforts is usually how patiently I can persist towards the goal. My mind runs at a mile a minute and I’m always onto something new. This may be my Achilles heel, but it is also one of my most vital strengths.

Win or lose, the one thing all of my goals have in common is that I set them with the knowledge that under the right circumstances, I could definitely achieve them. Though I will say, it isn’t always worth it to wait out every plan. To avoid being blindsided, it is equally important to know when to stop being patient, cut your losses, and move on.

Even if patience is the only variable in your control, maintaining that control and staying focused could be the only factor standing between you and the results you want.

If I go the traditional route, my dreams definitely won’t make it. Even worse, I might not even make it. Acknowledging this is how I find patience while walking the road less traveled.

How about you?

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  1. My mind is a bit like this too – I find it exhausting but I don’t think I could do anything without it 🤔 so I love how you called it your strength and your Achilles heel! All in all, a really great post. Thank you 😊


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