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How-to Stop Dwelling On Embarrassment – Tina Fey

You might not know who Tina Fey is but —

Just kidding, everyone knows who Tina Fey is. 

Here is one of my favorite quotes from her. It actually popped up while I was browsing earlier this week. The last time I’d read about this moment was years ago.

“For my first show at ‘SNL’, I wrote a Bill Clinton sketch, and during our read-through, it wasn’t getting any laughs. This weight of embarrassment came over me, and I felt like I was sweating from my spine out. But I realized, ‘Okay, that happened, and I did not die.’ You’ve got to experience failure to understand that you can survive it.”

Tina Fey

This one speaks for itself.

Get out there and try.

If by the end of the day you’ve failed but aren’t bleeding to death, you did just fine.

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