How-to Hustle

How-to Discover Your Real Limits – David Goggins

An uphill battle is the type I prefer. I came to this conclusion years ago. Embracing it was one thing, but actually making it up the hill was another story.

When your brain says you are done, you are only 40% done.
-David Goggins

I’ve put myself in a number of majorly stressful environments. Regularly taking on tasks that may be insurmountable to some. While I acknowledge my preference for this high-pressure environment, I also recognize that getting to a point of actually being able to perform well under pressure has been a slow process.

Initially, I would take high-pressure situations like door-to-door sales and get quite nervous. The uncertainty of making good connections and impressing at the door was certainly high pressure, 100% of the time. But as with anything, the longer I kept at it, the better I got. My capacity grew, and something that initially would beat me into quickly giving up became a task I could go on doing for hours.

The point I’m making here is that you don’t know what you’re actually capable of until you actually get out there and try it. Sure, you might feel with every fiber of your little heart that a task is just too much for you to handle.

Unfortunately, the heart is a liar.

And most brains tend to be a bitch.

Is 40% all you have to offer or will you get out there and show me your full potential?

Let’s see your ambition in the comments.

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