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How-to Keep Yourself Moving In A Positive Direction – Gary Halbert

To reach a destination you have to keep moving towards it.

If you stop, it had better be for a good reason. Every time we slow down, we risk getting caught up in unexpected detours.

“You see, when things are tough I have discovered that a very very simple (but effective) thing to do is just keep moving in some sort of positive direction.”

― Gary Halbert

See, positivity runs through my veins. When I’m lost and confused, it is the one thing that keeps me alive. When I’m down and out, positivity is what keeps me moving; even when I’m completely out of fuel. A boundless sense of positivity has saved my life several times, both literally and figuratively.

Unfortunately, one thing is certainly true of living in the modern United States. Nihilism has spread just about as quickly as social media literacy (seriously, my grandfather is even on Facebook now). I was raised on the internet (though under the watchful eyes of a skeptical mother who always assumed I was up late chatting with creeps). This gave me the chance to experience a world entirely foreign to many of my peers at the time.

The internet offered me a chance to interact with people from a variety of cultures and see into the lives of people I otherwise never would have spoken to. This was good and bad. I would read the stories of people living horrible lives overseas, and that of people living lavishly right here on American soil. I’d be exposed to disgusting images and the blatant ignorance of trolls. At an early age, I was no stranger to the disturbing content you can find online with just a few keystrokes.

Even still, nothing could have prepared me for the current state of negativity flourishing so publicly in the United States.

It’s as though technology picked up a tire iron and swung it directly at our kneecaps, crippling society with the advent of social media and face-sucking pocket computers. Now it has become hard to engage in conversation with someone who isn’t in fear of some political group or “passionate” about some cause that is absolutely ruining their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% in favor of pursuing passion. But when that passion is for being upset about the world, inhibiting your journey towards success, that’s when I stress concern. Allowing the negativity of the world to impact you personally also gives it freedom to alter your mindset — potentially inhibiting your success.

Gary Halbert, advertising legend, has written content that has touched the lives of hundreds of millions. You don’t get to that point of success without knowing what it takes to live a good life. Yet, so many people will allow themselves to be distracted from pursuing their goals and moving in a positive direction.  I fear that those without the strength of will to seek positivity may very well never make it to their destination. My passion has developed to drive me towards countering this negativity with an overpowering voice of positivity.

Of course, this isn’t a task to be taken on alone. Hence why I’ve created this community and work tirelessly to build The Hustle How-to as a resource to encourage those who feel dismissed, discouraged, and depressed on this exhausting journey through life (and damn is it exhausting..)

Though you may be unable to find positivity externally, cultivate it in your mind and eventually it will be propagated in your surroundings. I can attest to that.

(If you were wondering, this title is definitely a throwback to Halbert’s famous style of writing.)

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