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How-to Accept Your New Life, Even If It “Sucks” – Janine Shepherd

Generally, everyone goes through that funky phase of life where all of their peers are having babies, getting new jobs or otherwise being carried away by life’s many opportunities. You just start losing touch with all of your friends whilst responsibilities clash bitterly with your dreams and ambitions.

For those who haven’t been through this part of life yet, spoiler:

It sucks…

Most of the time —

And in most ways.

Still, these transitional periods that we are lucky (or unlucky) enough to experience in our lifetimes are when we determine the most interesting components of our character. Once we’ve left the mold of a set routine, we are presented more opportunities to seek out unique experiences and develop broader interests.

No longer tied to a set path, you are free to explore life’s infinite possibilities.
– Janine Shepherd

Of the many TED talks I’ve seen, Janine Shepherd’s was by far one of the most moving. It tells a gut-wrenching story of redemption, wherein Janine must recover after a horrific turn of events ends her career as an Olympic-qualifying athlete.With her life turned upside down, and her options severely “limited”,  Janine focuses her strength into reshaping her own “fate” by learning how to fly — literally.

An amazing story with a powerful lesson.

If you are in a similar phase where nothing seems to be entirely stable (not even your own legs), consider that your life may be taking on a new shape.

Don’t fear that your life will be missing familiar, more comfortable components. Accept that naturally, your life is constantly going to be reshaped. Rather than being “lost”, the elements of your life are only redistributed to better fit your particular circumstances and changing priorities.

Why is it important to understand this? Because with this knowledge, you become free to take control of your expectations and dictate what you aim to prioritize in your freshly realigned life.

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    • That is a cool way of describing the effect, I totally agree. I’ll read up more on Taoism, I’d love to flesh out this concept more thoroughly with a different context. Thanks for the hint there.

      P.S. I just checked out your blog, I hadn’t realized your content was totally spot on with my interests. Subscribed, looking forward to learning more about your experiences

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