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Mismatched! None Of The Majors At My University Fit Me


Because it is my birthday (Happy birthday me), I’ll finally be doing a series detailing the story of how I dropped out of college, became a wantrepreneur, and almost lost my mind — but instead found my passion. I’ll be releasing it in regular intervals, split into bite-sized, easily read portions.

I’ll be releasing it in regular intervals, split into bite-sized, easily read portions.

This is Part 1, be sure to comment if your college experience started off uncomfortably too.

Is College Right For You?

Face the facts, college education could easily be the wrong choice for you and many others. The centuries old mindset that university is an all-encompassing standard for success is ratty and outdated.

For decades the value of a degree has been on the decline, especially for graduates of creative or liberal arts.

Sorry guys.

Reluctantly Picking A Major Is The Most Expensive Mistake I’ve Ever Made.

Like many people, I went to college with no real desire to go to college. Though strongly influenced by my parents to attend, I had no real idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I remember questioning what employable skills I brought to the table at 18 years old. At the very least I was aware that I had an affinity for sales, entrepreneurship, and hustling (I sold a lot of home made cookies in high school).

Entrepreneurship just seemed like an appropriate path, but from what I knew about entrepreneurship, most of the lessons would be taught outside of the classroom. I kind’ve just decided that majoring in the subject was a wasteful approach.

Call it a gut feeling.

Yet, I felt that I still had to go to college, even though I couldn’t bring myself to choose a redundant major.

So I went to orientation, put a check in the “Marketing” box and started attending classes I felt absolutely no desire to be in. I knew in an instant that these classes would not lead me to any “career” that I’d be willing to commit my entire life to, but limited resources in finding another option forced me to suck it up.

I couldn’t allow myself to be a failure, so I decided to follow through and give it the ole’ college try…

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