How-to Quotes

How-to Find Satisfaction By Focusing On The Process – Vincent Van Gogh

I love cooking. Tossing together new recipes requires creativity and trying your best to follow the “right” steps.

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

Vincent Van Gogh

When I cook, sometimes I “substitute” ingredients either out of laziness or because I actually don’t have the ones I need. I’ll also swap in ingredients that I think will add something desirable to the dish. This leads to constantly evolving recipes that eventually become quite delicious, though I’ve definitely botched some recipes pretty badly…

I try not to do more than light research on what a new ingredient will cause. This way, I get to learn organically and cooking becomes far more engaging. Surprisingly, this doesn’t go wrong very often and I don’t frequently find myself eating disgusting meals comprised of failed cooking experiments.

Defining the “right” combination of ingredients is up to what you think a successful dish consists of, but only through commitment to refining the recipe can you find the steps that achieve your ideal flavor.

Investing time into your craft is good, but if you are only working on impulse you aren’t maximizing your potential.

When I say working on impulse, I mean going through the motions because you aren’t engaged in your work. No matter what you do, if you aren’t engaged with your work, your results won’t show your full capability.

Focus on the process and carefully combine individual pieces of a plan to paint a bigger, more beautiful picture.

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