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How-to Finally Get That Raise – Gary Vaynerchuck

Would you be more willing to go back to your days as a child, keeping your present day knowledge intact? Or instead to have your present lifetime extended by a number of healthy years equaling your current age. (If you are 21 years old, you get a boost of 21 more healthy years)

I would go with option B, choosing to extend my life span.

Because lets get really real here.

Do you really want to be a baby again? 

The thing we’re all addicted to is time

-Gary Vaynerchuck

Regardless of which one you picked, both answers are enticing. Either choice offers a huge amount of “bonus time”. Offers that would be infinitely valuable.

Of course, deals with the devil are one in a billion so certainly no opportunity like this is on the table. Still, this hypothetical situation frames what aspects of time make it so inherently valuable.

Time Is A Currency

The sooner you understand this, the more successful your endeavors will be. This concept is obvious in business, but in every day life the same philosophy can be applied.

Employers pay big money to staff their businesses. People pay premium prices for overnight shipping. Well, what could these things possibly have in common?

In both cases people are exchanging cash directly for time

Put simply, companies are willing to pay people money in exchange for spending their time on the job.

In the same sense, shoppers who are living a bit more lavishly than me will splurge on premium services like overnight shipping.

I bought myself a new computer for my birthday and cheaped out on the shipping — it’s been en route for just about 7 days so far… a delivery time that is almost as unacceptable as a $40 two-day delivery charge.

Moral of the story, nobody wants to wait, and time is literally money.

Until you can afford to buy someone else’s time, focus on spending yours productively.

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