How-to Hustle

How-to Try Something New – Karen Thompson Walker

“A good story, just like a good sentence, does more than one job at once. That’s what literature is: a story that does more than tell a story, a story that manages to reflect in some way the multilayered texture of life itself. ”

Karen Thompson Walker

While I like many of the different formats I’ve tried so far, in many I’ve been lacking the opportunity to really express imagination. So I’m going to be flexing whichever muscles are responsible for writing by churning out some creative short stories starting tomorrow. As I develop them, I’ll be sharing them here for feedback. Of course, the stories will promote the overall “personal discovery” theme of this blog. 

I think it might start off a bit strange (I haven’t done this much), but as I figure things out I’m certain that I can make a short stories section a valuable resource.

Most importantly, I’ll have the opportunity to explore a new approach to the work that I’m passionate about.

A valuable chance to kill two birds with one stone — don’t ya think?

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