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How-to Get Up And Go – Saint Augustine

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

– Saint Augustine

Lots of things in motion right now. I’m planning my next big move (overseas).

I’m incredibly grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had so far, and the opportunities I’ve had to grow in business and in life. The past 7 months have been actual hell, but every moment I spent in motion was worthwhile. I’ve been through at least 10 states resided in four (Arizona, California, Las Vegas, Illinois).

Soon the friend I came out here with, Anthony, will be moving on to the next step in his path — volunteering for a local farm out here in California! I’m very excited from him to be moving onto something that fits him so well. I’m also excited for myself, because this has convinced me to pick up the pace on my goals. I was originally intending on moving on to Thailand in April, but now I see a clear opportunity to get the ball rolling sooner.

More to come, stay in tune!

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