How-to Reinvent Yourself

Has Gary Vaynerchuck Completely Stripped The Word “Hustle”​ Of Its Value?

Hustle, grind—most highly vocal and valuable leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone have jettisoned these particular words and many similar ones into a state of extreme saturation in the “entrepreneurial” community, or what I personally like to call the “wantrepreneurial” popularity contest. Some people think this means the word has lost its value, and I can see that perspective. But is it even inherently possible for a word used so subjectively to lose its meaning?

Let’s look at an example from my own life that should provide a deeper perspective on my own personal answer to this question.

Just three short months ago, I drove to California on a whim. I was at my wits end and desperately needed to focus on developing my writing career. My time at home had run out, my options for entrepreneurial success in that environment had seemingly dried up and honestly, I was just doing a bunch of stupid shit. I just couldn’t help myself. I can pridefully say that I was depressed, I was confused—hell, I was even manic at times. Yet, throughout these past several months, I’ve constantly had opportunities to catch a glimpse of my own real potential, and unearthing that potential is what drives me to hustle.

Through writing, I had found a medium by which I could not only express my own individual need for personal understanding and creative fulfillment, but I could also develop a genuine story—one that could touch the lives of others who, like me, had ambitious goals that would require consistent hustle to achieve, but were unfortunately smothered by fear. These fears open the door for self-doubt and exacerbate the risk of your personal insecurities inhibiting any chance of real fulfillment in your life.

Are you convinced that you can’t out-hustle your fears?

The truth is, everyone can. The only thing it takes is a very particular frame of mind.

Just by taking ownership of my story, my life, I’ve brought new context and significant meaning to my actions. This fresh perspective was a bit much to handle at first, and admittedly I made some mistakes while trying to balance, you know, staying alive, with pursuing (and defining) my hefty new goals. But as I’ve developed my ability to introspect, to look inside my own being, my mindset has gradually become more capable of adapting to fear in a way that allows me to pursue the goals that terrify me the most.

I am certainly not fearless, rather, I embrace fear as a constant part of my life, and therefore I can now actively choose how to handle my fears. Well, I’ve decided to handle them the same way I’d hope to approach every other negative aspect of my life—by moving forward toward progress and not letting them stop me from succeeding. There are many ways to progress beyond certain fears, but by my experience, I have discovered that immediately moving in the direction of what you fear most is an incredible method of extensively changing your circumstances. Through internalizing this idea, I have begun to realize just how powerful a meaningful life can really be.

For instance, imagine you meet a boy. He is preparing to offer a girl some weeds as a romantic gesture. Cute, well intended, but probably not very likely to work out so well.

And knowing little boys, he probably doesn’t know just how likely it is that the exchange will be an unpleasant one. A quick, “Hey kid, I don’t know who told you girls like dirty ass weeds, but from what I’ve heard, you’d probably be better off giving her some roses”

As basic as it sounds this could be the first step in the revolution of a budding romance between him and some little girl. You never know.

I drastically scaled down the impact a single action can have, but from this short example you can begin to grasp the infinite capacity we have for producing change.

Big or small, every action you take impacts the state of our world. With every move that you make, there will be a ripple effect; in your mind, in your body, in the world around you. In fact, each action could set in motion any number of unpredictable events. So by simply being present, you have the power to alter the lives of everyone in a community—for better or for worse.

Now back to the original question. For those who think that “hustle” has lost its meaning, here is what I have to say to you:

True self-satisfaction is only possible when you know that you tried as hard as you could and gave as much effort as you were capable of. So, if you define “hustle” or “grind” or really any of these wantrepreneurial trigger words as befitting of that sentiment, the value within them is inherent. Overuse and misuse of these words play no role in the pursuit of self-satisfaction, personal growth, and a broadened mindset. And in case you were wondering, I love using the word hustle.

I don’t mind at all if people are tired of reading it.

Because, no matter how you phrase your story, the important part in rewriting your success is getting up, facing your fears, and writing something that is real to you.


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