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How-to Sacrifice Familiarity For Valuable New Experiences—Updates Since Relocating To Thailand As A Digital Nomad

I’ve hinted (and outright announced) my plans for travel a handful of times over the past few months, but it was on March 12th, 2017 that I finally made the huge leap abroad, finding myself across the world from California in a small hotel in Thailand just one 12 hour bus trip, 19 hour flight and 30 minute taxi ride later.

For more about why I’m in Thailand, check out this quick landing page for my new project: Low/No—Go. Progress will be coming, but I still need to find my footing in this new region, so I’d appreciate some patience.

But as to be expected with any irregular behavior on such an extreme scale, many of the people I shared my long term travel intentions with shook their heads in disapproval or disavowed me, projecting that they had no confidence in my seemingly hastily planned, “crazy” ambitions. It was a long and arduous task to escape the feelings of doubt that were instilled within me by the opinions of people who couldn’t see my vision.

Yet there was another factor that muted the negativity I was attracting: votes of confidence from people who couldn’t see my vision, but were more than willing to support me in my endeavors.

Though some of the people who have come to my aid and support did so reluctantly at first, as I’ve remained humble and committed to developing my own creative projects and elevating my brand I have gained the respect and admiration of friends, family, and acquaintances alike. Their words of support and encouragement make it a lot easier for me to adjust my mindset and steadily run this marathon toward success.

8 months ago, I yanked my roots from Illinois and since then have found many temporary homes, though some were more welcoming than others. I have met many different people and been in many eye-opening situations. With these new experiences, I have found the foundation for work that I can be excited about and ambitions that I previously had never conceived of. Even when times were hard (and damn did they get hard), I kept moving forward, and now I have hit an enormous milestone in my journey to recognition as a valuable motivator, entertainer, and content creator.

This post goes out to all who have shown me support on the way, I would like to thank you and hopefully I will see you in the comments section!

Check out my in-transit experiences while traveling to Thailand in this video! Make sure you follow me on YouTube to stay updated on my journey and be sure to leave comments about what you would like more of and what you don’t like!


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  1. Good work, Steve. I hope I’m always on your mind, and I hope you’ve realized by now that I’m the only reason you’re able to do anything.

    Just kidding. Best wishes.



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