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How-to Get Back On Track

It’s been a while.

I can’t explain why I’ve been so negligent of The Hustle How-to.

Maybe it is because I’ve been busy with work.

Perhaps I’ve just gotten lazy.

Honestly, I think that I’ve lost some critical aspect of my inspiration. If you have read much of my previous articles, you should have some understanding of the duress I was under during 2016, and contrastingly, 2017 has been far more comfortable.

For months, all I wanted was a break—a chance to relax. Yet, now that I’m in a position to let things simmer down, I feel as though I am neglecting my dreams.

“Comfort kills dreams”.

That was one of my earliest musings, one of the bold statements I’d frequently pack into my writings on social media and here on The Hustle How-to.

Knowing this, I wonder why I’m allowing myself to descend into this rut of comfort, once again. But I’m not foolish enough to completely ignore the calls to action being put forth by my subconscious. That behavior is what lead me into the downward spiral that left me derelict and distressed in 2016.

This time around I will take massive action and this time I will continue to make progress.

The first step is bringing back consistent updates to this blog.

I’ll be back soon with an in-depth post explaining my journey abroad in Thailand, including the struggles and success that I’ve encountered.

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