How-to Reinvent Yourself

How-to Put Your Own Interests First

Life is a cycle of growth and exploration. During our lifetimes, we have an unending opportunity to shape our own reality, yet some people neglect this opportunity as they submit to the overbearing pressure of ideologies that they may not have expressly chosen to partake in. They are forced to assume a particular role due to external circumstances like cultural tradition or expectations from figures of authority like parents or government.


With this in mind, it seems like the standard course of action is, and has for a long while been, to keep your idea of reality within the boundaries that have been set by others. While reluctantly returning to the baseline expectation whenever you might stray from this constructed idea of what is an acceptable perception of reality.


I believe that those moments that we stray from the course are when we build the core components of our character, as they are the points in our lives during which we formulate our own independently developed ideas of reality.


While it is, of course, necessary to have boundaries within healthy inter-personal relationships, suppressing your ability to live life to the fullest through self-inflicted boundaries should be far from acceptable.


Without access to the proper tools, people won’t be likely to sculpt a life that fits their ideal. Yet, through my own narrative, I hope to open the minds of individuals who, like myself, woke up one day and discovered that they were living not in reality, but in a web of lies and falsehoods woven by the likes of parents, teachers, media, and the many other common outlets of influence that generally shape the “reality” of people of every age, and especially the young.


Reality Just May Be Subjective


Who’s to say what ideas are “reality”? Moving away from traditional definitions of the word, I’m starting to embrace reality as more of a subjective term.


What we perceive as our own reality frequently, if not always, differs in some way to the way anyone else would perceive it. I would argue that true “reality” does not exist, and it is up to people to decide which reality to accept for the betterment of their own individual situation.


An example of this concept can be found with the recent political unrest that is burning fervently in nearly every region of the world. In the European Union, the ongoing influx of refugees from war-torn nations stands as a massive issue. On one side of reality, you see people concerned with their own safety and the homogeneity of their nation, while on the other end, you have the victims of war displacement looking only for respite from the dire reality they have found themselves wrapped up in. Both situations are equally real, but the side of reality an individual resonates with more thoroughly stands to warp their entire perception of the overall situation. People looking to escape their own dire situation will most likely be biased towards the option that will serve their basic interests, like freedom, safety, health, and happiness, which are the factors at play on both sides here.


Changing your reality may not be easy, but it is certainly possible. It only entails breaking down your entire situation and reassessing where you stand within it. While it is not appropriate to disregard the details that do not favor your interests, there is no harm in choosing to embrace the ideas that align with your own ideals.


When you embrace your own brand of reality, you expose yourself to the opportunity to live a completely willing life, rather than one that is reluctant, or even regrettable.

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