How-to Reinvent Yourself

How-to Strengthen Your Character By Traveling

Traveling abroad can be a life-changing opportunity for personal development, growth, and maturation of your identity.

By casting away the conventional fears that would once have prevented me from moving abroad without a bullet-proof plan for success, I was able to strengthen my resolve and discover new heights for my ability to adapt to my surroundings.

These developments have influenced me to explore new opportunities, whether they are business related or a chance at a new romance…


It has been approximately four months now since I bought a one-way ticket from San Francisco International Airport to Bangkok Thailand with the intention of recreating myself as a full-time freelance writer and traveler.

In the time that I’ve been here, I’ve been able to deeply examine my ability to succeed in business, find happiness, and control my expectations. I’ve also awakened a fondness for adventure that was only partially exposed during my short time spent traveling in the United States.

To summarize—relocating to Thailand has been an extraordinarily eye-opening experience that continues to surprise me each and every day.

Being surrounded by a new culture leaves me intertwined in a daily struggle of nervous anticipation and excitement toward experiencing an unfamiliar situation.

I’m also making gradual progress towards my goals of producing a book, blog and video series focusing on traveling this region. So far most of my efforts are focused on saving the money needed to safely travel to some interesting areas of South East Asia so that I can expand my understanding of how to produce enjoyable travel content.


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