Sometimes This Blog Refers To a Shcteve, But Who Is He?

(And how the hell do you pronounce that?)

Steven “Shcteve” White is a freedom enthusiast, freelance marketing content writer, and editor of 


Having gotten plenty of entrepreneurial and life experience at an early age, I have refocused my talents into creating relatable content targeted at motivating other people who are hustling to reinvent themselves. To accomplish this goal, I have rebranded myself as a freelance writer and actively work to help business owners develop the identity of their brand through highly personalized writing. 

I believe that honesty and self-awareness are key to personal growth. By offering insight into my experiences, good and bad, The Hustle How-to will compel others to seek out passionate work—and make it their career. 

Learn the SHOCKING truth behind the nickname: Shcteve. (okay, maybe it isn’t really that shocking, but it is interesting.)


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