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Steven White

Steven "Shcteve" White is a freelance marketing content writer (For Hire), blogger, and freedom enthusiast. He strives to produce flawless content that emphasizes the promotion of personal growth and development.

Having gotten plenty of entrepreneurial experience at an early age, Steven White has refocused his talents into writing content targeted at inspiring other people who are hustling to reinvent themselves.

How-to Manage Your Stress By Building These 5 Simple Habits

At some point, the bottom eyelid of my left eye developed a minor twitch, or blepharospasm, that is becoming increasingly more irritating. High-stress environments are a consistent feature in the lives of a majority of starting entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, that stress tends to follow them throughout their career as well. It is a sad truth, when chasing success in business, stress is nearly inescapable. But still, freelancers do have options when it comes to defusing the thoughts and emotions that exacerbate tension and anxiety.