The Hero Your Website Needs

Did you know that if you are not keeping your blog active, or worse, not posting quality content at all, you are losing valuable traffic and potential sales?

WARNING: Click Here If You Are Wearing A Suit

My written content will keep your audience hooked, ensuring that they will be more receptive to your marketing efforts.

I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

Don’t worry, I won’t put on the tights.

With the help of my content, your website will become the place your potential customers run to when they need a problem solved.

The first step is discovering the questions that your customers most frequently need answers to and trending topics that they are likely to be interested in.

The next step?

Writing about them in a compelling way that inspires your potential customers to take action.

There are several steps that go down in between, but you won’t have to worry about that.

You can leave all of the heavy lifting to me.

I Will Rescue Your Time, Saving You Money

With my help:

  • You will rank higher in Google search results
  • Your current customers will visit your site more often, meaning more sales
  • You will spend less time answering common questions from confused customers

My Usual Sidekicks

  • Software Development Companies
  • Lifestyle and Coaching Businesses
  • Digital Marketing Agencies

If your business falls into these categories, let’s get to work on the personalized solution to your need for trending new content that will help your business make more money.

See How I Write

Business & Marketing

Why Video Is Indispensable To Your Marketing

How Is Freelancing Changing Modern Business?

Maximize Your Income Potential By Joining a Community

Personal Growth & Development

How-to Appreciate Your Passion As “Art”

Dream or Delusion?: How-to Be a True Visionary

How-to Quickly End Your Anxiety By Eating Better

How-to Know If You Are a Right-Brained Creative Type or Left-Brained Logical Type

Partner With Me To Save Time By Outsourcing:

Blog & general web content writing

(Trending content)

SEO content & Copywriting 

(More conversion)

Keyword research & title creation 

(Targeted traffic)
Custom writing assignments also considered, please inquire.

Ready To Save The Day? 

My name is Steven White, aka Shcteve, editor of The Hustle How-to.

Feel free to connect with me here using the contact form below, drop me a line at, or call me directly at 773-412-4715

WARNING: Click Here If You Are Wearing A Suit

Legally Required Disclaimer:

Be prepared to make room in your budget for bandaids, counting money tends to result in a lot of papercuts.


We can work together to determine a custom rate based on the content of your project.

My objective is to establish long-term business relationships. Therefore, I will consider reduced rates for bulk assignments and long-term retainer contracts.