Don’t Even Think About Writing Your Next Blog Post Before Asking Yourself These 3 Questions

Aside from deploying excellent grammar and a strong, unique voice, a writer also needs to maintain a certain level of diligence within their writing process. By being strategic in developing your blog posts, you stand to increase reader engagement. In the case of blogs that exist to promote a particular business, you’ll certainly manage to fatten your bottom line.

How-to Find A Life Changing Mentor – JT McGibbon

We have all heard the saying ‘To get money you have to spend money’. But most people think of this in the literal terms of money/dollars.

Its really about finding ways to give to others to help them succeed. This can be in time, talent, connections, advise, promotion, etc. This is the best way to connect in a real way with people (and level up your relationships).

The more you give without expectation of return, the more you will end up getting back in unexpected ways. When you lift others up, provide value to their lives, you begin to flow in abundance and blessings.

Try finding opportunities to look for other businesses and entrepreneurs and figure out a way to give them some value and NOT be looking for something in return.

I guarantee that you will pleasantly surprised.
-JT Mcgibbon