Maximize Your Income Potential By Joining A Community

Do you remember how that one grandma would always make an appearance at the local high school football game, even though none of her grandkids were actually on the team? Or maybe you’ve run into that one guy who coaches the little league team without any pay, even though he has no children of his own.

This condition of seemingly unprovoked generosity is common in places where a real community has been established. A bunch of people standing in the same place is not the same as a community. Though, when the individuals involved all share a common interest, that group becomes a tightly-wound group that quite likely only wants to see its members succeed.

A community can provide much-needed support and most importantly, connect you with potential clients.

There are several avenues you can take to find a community that suits the needs of your business. Most importantly: 

  • Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, even Reddit (Facebook groups are especially handy)
  • Blogs – Your blog, my blog, practically any blog related to your niche.
  • Family members – By informing your family what you are doing and what you may need help with, you open yourself up to one of the highest qualities of lead. A reference from a family member. 

Joining a community is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals. They can point you in the right direction while bolstering your confidence when prospecting new clients.


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