An Awkward Start

I knew I wanted to speak to people who had struggles similar to my own but didn’t know where to start.

To gain some experience vocalizing my ideas, I spent hours practicing recording myself. This got me tons of valuable (for training purposes), but very poor quality footage.  I’m going to use this as a benchmark for my progress toward becoming a top-notch content producer.

If you are up to it, feel free to watch the video below to see just how much room is left for improvement!

Hustle How-to Video Series One: Car Camping

So I’ve honed my speaking on camera skill somewhat. Not to say that I’ve gotten very much better at not stuttering. But, hey I’m trying.

Check out my unique mini-series, car-camping 101. In this and a few follow up videos, I’ll be showing how no opportunity is out of reach, if you are willing to get a little bit uncomfortable. (maybe a lot of bits).

If you liked that, make sure you check out some of the other videos on my channel. I’m always up to something new.

Hustle How-to Series Two: Growth Through Low/No Budget Travel 

After my original stint on the road, I had to pull back and go back home for a bit to recharge. I got back on my feet and went right back out the door. This time with an entirely new set of goals and priorities.

I’ll be growing as a freelance writer, but how will I afford to travel? Watch as I offer my opinion on a variety of topics and plan for my next relocation.